Cable Management

C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S 9 Excel Electric - Cable Management ELECTRICAL CONTINUITY School of Electrical, Electronic, and Communications Engineering, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4 Electrical Continuity tests per section 11 of EN 61537:2007 we carried out on cable tray and trunking samples submitted to us by Excel Electric Ltd. The test results are as summarised hereunder. The test arrange- ment used is shown in the following diagram which is as specified in figure 9 of EN61537:2007 and 6b of EN50085-1:2005. Test 1: Resistance Measurement of EZ-Fit Cable Tray and Trunking. 25.60A passed through a length of cable tray. Voltage 0.0146 measured at points 0.502m apart. Result: R=0.0146/25.60 = 0.57mΩ therefore resistance/m = 0.57/0.502 = 1.135 mΩ/m. Test 2: (Repeat of Test 1) R = 0.574mΩ resistance/m = 0.574/0.502 = 1.143MΩ/M. Test 3: Resistance of the joint. Current = 25.09Amps, voltage 0.00918V measured at points 217mm apart (and across the joint) R = 9.18/25.09 = 0.366mΩ. Joint resistance = 0.366 – 0.217 x 1.142 = 0.366 – 0.248 = 0.118mΩ. The tests results confirm the cable systems supplied comply with the electrical continuity requirements of EN61537:2007 + EN50085-1:2005 Jeremiah O’Dwyer Senior Lecturer. Date: December 15th 2011 Test Certificate TORQUE YOUR JOINTS! Cable trunking systems are designed to enclose single insulated cables and to form the protection sheath for those cables. Therefore the trunking provides the secondary protection as prescribed by the wiring rules and as such it needs to be bonded and earthed. We have resisted designing a fastening system using spring clips which purport to speed up installation of the products. The joining of metal systems using a nut and bolt is the least consumer of time on an installation. EZ-FIT is the only system to have male / female connections between lengths. This means the system has no couplers (reduces cost and installation time) and the lengths are connected as metal-to-metal connection and requiring only one fastener per joint up to 100mm high and just two above that size. Provided the system is assembled using the recommended LSN fasteners and torqued in according with the table 6 ISEN50085 CONTINUITY can be guaranteed.