Cable Management

8 Excel Electric - Cable Management C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S Pre-Fabrication of Trunking Building Information Modelling Lean Manufacturing Excel Electric can provide a library of BIM objects that can be used with structural design systems. We are expert at manufacturing to BIM drawings and pre- fabricating cable management runs from drawings and bills of materials. METHOD: Details of install are fed from contractor’s BOM into manufacturing cad-cam systems and parts are precision cut to length. The parts are assembled off-site and delivered. Lean manufacturing leads to lean distribution and installation. Excel Electric has designed and installed LEAN systems in its manufacturing process. Using ‘KANBAN and JIT control systems’ ensures that material is always available to deliver requirements ‘ON TIME / IN FULL’ BETTER CHEAPER THIS IS LEAN FASTER BIM Building Information Modelling What our customers say “Excel Electric provide us with a first class service. Coupled with our virtual reality construction detail team, we have almost eliminated trunking off-cuts and waste. Our install efficiency metrics are higher than ever before”