Cable Management

C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S 7 Excel Electric - Cable Management FLOOR & PEDESTAL BOXES • 3 Compartment for power, voice & data • Quick & easy to install • Attractive finish Plates Available • Two gang socket plate • Blank Plate (FBP3) • 4 x LJ6/RJ45(UK) or AT+T RJ11/RJ459(IRL) Cutout 36.7x22.5 (FBP4) • 4 Way data plate for CAT6 (PBP5) Code Description Size (mm) FB3 3 Compartment Floor Box 300x230x100 PB1 Single Gang Pedestal Box 100x100x56 PB2 Twin Gang Pedestal Box 160x100x56 DPB1 Double Sided Single Gang Pedestal Box 100x200x56 DPB2 Double Sided Twin Gang Pedestal Box 160x200x56 CUSTOMMANUFACTURING Excel Electric has a highly equipped metal manufacturing plant. We have capacity to design and fabricate sheet metal enclosures for every application in the electrical industry.