Cable Management

6 Excel Electric - Cable Management C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S Standards & Available Finishes for Cable Management Systems IS EN 61537:2007 Cable Management. Cable Tray systems and Cable Ladder systems. IS EN 50085-1:2005 Cable Trunking systems and Cable Ducting systems for electrical installations. Part 1: General Requirements IS EN 50085-2-1:2006 Cable Trunking systems and Cable Ducting systems for electrical installations. Cable Trunking systems and Cable Ducting systems for mounting on walls and ceilings MATERIAL: EN 10346:2015 Hot-Dip Zinc coating is the most common method used to protect steel against corrosion. A zinc coating protects in two ways: • It acts as a physical barrier between a potentially corrosive environment and the steel base. • The zinc coating gives galvanic or sacrificial protection at cut edges and scratches. Steel Pre-galvanised refers to carbon steel sheet that has been immersed through a zinc bath before being put in production. Excel uses grade DX51D+Z.275, with an average zinc coating of 20 microns. EN ISO 1461 Product can also be available post-galvanised to this standard which means the product is manufactured from untreated steel and immersed in a zinc bath after fabrication. While this gives greater protection (35 Microns). This process adds considerable cost and lead time to the delivery. It is important that in such an installation all of the fasteners and bracketry are similarly protected as the normal protection of fasteners and rods is electro-zinc to EN ISO 4042 & 12329. This will give only 8 mic protection. ISO 12944 and 9223 should be consulted if in doubt of protection required. Products can be further protected by powder coating to selected colours. Plastic Perimeter Trunking Support Systems Plastic perimeter systems are deployed for data and power distribution in indoor installations for offices, hospitals and other locations where aesthetic presentation takes priority. It comes in a variety of sizes and can usually have multi-channels with a central channel suitable for the installation of power and data outlets. For hospital installations the material used can be antimicrobial to resist harmful organisms and protect the material from discoloration and bad odours. Selection of support systems in a CMS installation is an important decision because the right system can speed up installation time, reduce maintenance and provide for future extension of the installation. A wide range of supports are available for use in all environments buildings. The main system used will combine overall strut support with clipping systems and bracketry to use as the system extends. REHAU CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS PROFILA 3 CHAMFERED SOLUTION IN BASE & LID SET ALL FOR JUST £23.79 BuildingSolutions Automotive Industry