Cable Management

4 Excel Electric - Cable Management C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S WHAT IS CABLE MANAGEMENT? The increased use of electronic equipment and the growth of information technology has increased the requirement for cabling within all buildings. Offices, retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, schools and industrial establishments need to be wired for data, voice, lighting, power, earthing, lightning protection, fire and burglar alarms. Each of these has different cabling requirements and the density of cabling and versatility may vary significantly. This increased volume of cabling requires marshalling and support throughout the building. The system to carry the cables must be supported independently of structures such as ceilings, floors and partitions. For example, it is a requirement that fire alarm wiring needs to be able to survive in the early stages of a fire in the building. The term “Cable Management Systems” (CMS) describes the family of products that has evolved to refer to the installation of equipment to protect and distribute cables for electrical services in a building. This term is now commonly used by consulting engineers, specifiers, architects and contractors to describe the equipment required to facilitate cable distribution and protection in buildings. Complex modern electrical networks need the provision of integrated systems to support and protect the many cables involved in a building. Good cable management systems should allow for future possible changes in requirements after installation, especially those serving commercial buildings bearing in mind that the average lifespan of much electronic equipment is estimated to be between four and five years. The whole cable management system, (CMS) installation has to be designed as an integrated arrangement capable of interconnecting distribution, monitoring and control equipment in a building. This handbook is published by Excel Electric and is intended as a guide for engineers, installers and students with an interest in the design and installation of cable management systems.