Cable Management

3 Excel Electric - Cable Management About Us / p.1 What is Cable Management / p.2 Cable Management Systems / p.3-4 Floor & Pedestal Boxes / p.5 Building Information Modelling / p.6 Electrical Continuity / p.7 EZ-FIT Trunking & Accessories / p.8-9 The EZ-FIT Trunking System / p.10-11 EZ-FIT Trunking Fittings Chart / p.12-13 EZ-FIT Trunking Reducers Chart / p.14-15 EZ-FIT Cable Tray & Accessories / p.16 EZ-FIT Cable Tray Technical Information / p.17 The EZ-FIT Cable Tray System / p.18 PEMSA Cable Ladder / p.19 PEMSA Spiderband Suspension / p.20 PEMSA Basket Tray / p.21 REHAU Compact Data Trunking / p.22-23 BRITCLIP Fasteners / p.24 Support Systems / p.25-26 Stand Off & Support Brackets / p.27 References / p.28 Contents About Us Excel Electric Group is an Irish company, established since 1974, and engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of electrical installation materials in Ireland. The business is located at Bluebell in Dublin where it employs over 40 personnel at its 5,000 headquarters. Excel Electric Group operates on two business units. Excel Cable Containment The company produces its own brand of EZFIT steel cable tray and trunking systems. This product range is supported by complementary allied products imported from selected suppliers to present an offering of a complete range of cable management systems. Excel Electrical Essentials Excel acts as sole distributor in the Irish market for a wide range of installation materials on behalf of selected electrical manufacturers from Europe, USA and the Far East. The company is fully committed to manufacturing in Ireland and has made substantial investment in state of the art machinery and facilities as well as highly qualified personnel. Supplying through the comprehensive network of Irish electrical wholesalers, the company’s ultimate objective is to provide installers with quality products at competitive prices. With modern facilities, a comprehensive product offering and a dynamic workforce, Excel strives to delight its customers. Contact Us: Excel Electric Group Ltd., Excel Works, Bluebell Avenue, Dublin 12 Phone: 01 4500600 Fax: 01 4602178 C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S