Cable Management

26 Excel Electric - Cable Management C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S BRITCLIP Fasteners Code Description CR26 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 4-5 Rod CR27 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 7-9 Rod CR210 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 10-11 Rod CR212 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 12-14 Rod CR215 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 15-18 Rod CR219 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 19-24 Rod CR225 Beam Hangers 2-4 Flange 25-30 Rod CR46 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 6-7 Rod CR47 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 7-9 Rod CR410 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 10-11 Rod CR412 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 12-14 Rod CR415 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 15-18 Rod CR419 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 19-24 Rod CR425 Beam Hangers 4-7 Flange 25-30 Rod CR86 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 6-7 Rod CR87 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 7-9 Rod CR810 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 10-11 Rod CR812 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 12-14 Rod CR815 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 15-18 Rod CR819 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 19-24 Rod CR825 Beam Hangers 8-12 Flange 25-30 Rod CRA Beam Adaptor 12-20 Flange BCCT25-10R Beam Clip With Cable Tie 5-9 Flange BCC25-50 Conduit Clips 5-9 Flange 20mm Cond BCC50-50 Conduit Clips 10-16 Flange 20mm Cond BCC25-75 Conduit Clip 5-9 Flange 25mm Cond BCC50-75 Conduit Clip 10-16 Flange 25mm Cond BCCT50-10R Beam Clip With Cable Tie 10-16 Flange BC250 Flange Beam Fasteners 5-9 Flange BC500 Flange Beam Fasteners 10-16 Flange BC750 Flange Beam Fasteners 17-20 Flange BLCC25-50 Conduit Clip 5-9 Flange 20mm Cond BLCC50-50 Conduit Clips 10-16 Flange 20mm Cond AC25 Twist on Clip 16mm Stud SC750 Support Clip 4-7 Flange RH10MT-50 Threaded Bar Hanger 5-9 Flange 11mm Bar BC125 Flange Beam Fasteners 4-5 Flange VF1 Vertical Flange Clip 1.5-5 Flange VF2 Vertical Flange Clip 5-7 Flange VF1-8MT M8 Rod Hanger 1-5 Flange VF1-10MT M10 Rod Hanger 1-10 Flange VF2-8MT M8 Rod Hanger 5-7 Flange VF2-10MT M10 Rod Hanger 5-7 Flange Walraven Britclips are a market-leading range of fixings for electrical installations. Manufactured in the UK for over 35 years, the Britclips range includes over 140 high quality fixings for multiple installation needs including beam clamps, beam clips, cable run clips, threaded rod clips, roof deck hangers, purlin hangers, acoustic ceiling clips and more. The range is manufactured with high grade spring steel. The number one brand for electrical fixings