Cable Management

EMDA is a trade association established as a representative body of the quality manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment in the Republic of Ireland. The Association’s Aims: 1. To influence the development of the electrical industry as a whole and to encourage a spirit of cooperation and professional standing for all involved whilst representing expertly the interests of the quality manufacturers and distributors of electrical equipment. 2. To encourage an interchange of opinion between members and consolidate such opinion and bring it to the attention of relevant government authorities and/or other organisations in order to safeguard the public interest, it’s members’ interests and those interests of the electrical industry as a whole. 3. To encourage members always to strive for excellence in the quality of the product and services they offer and to instil a greater sense of responsibility and accountability whilst creating awareness of the national and international importance of the products and services they offer. 4. To protect members against the growing menace and the devaluing and damaging activities of manufacturers and distributors of substandard electrical equipment and equally protect the public against the use of potentially dangerous equipment. Electrical Manufacturers and Distributors Association of Ireland Limited (EMDA) C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S