Cable Management

C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S Lean manufacturing leads to lean distribution & installation Excel EZ-FIT trunking comes in over 25 sizes. Each size in the range is supported by availability of a full range of fittings. Because of our unique design each range requires only seven fittings to complete an installation. This LEAN design means less inventory and better availability. Electric continuity? Torque your joints! Excel Electric has designed and installed LEAN systems in its manufacturing process. Using ‘KANBAN and JIT control systems’ ensures that material is always available to deliver requirements ‘ON TIME / IN FULL’ EZ-FIT fittings allow metal to metal contact of the system at all joints. Provided LSN fasteners are used for connection and torqued in accordance with the table; CONTINUITY can be guaranteed. Fittings are assembled from panels EZ-FIT system is patent protected THIS IS LEAN (1) Top Lid Bend (2) In/Out Side Bend (3) Top Lid Tee (4) In/Out Tee (5) 45 o Top Lid Bend (6) 45 o In/Out Bend (7) 4 Way Intersection THE MAGNIFICIENT SEVEN 11 Excel Electric - Cable Management