Cable Management

10 Excel Electric - Cable Management C A B L E M A N A G E M E N T S Y S T E M S EZ-FIT TRUNKING & ACCESSORIES EZ-FIT trunking system allows to use only 2 fastenings for quick coupling to save money and installation time. The interlocking lid system is fully patented to IP4X. 6.2 Impact tested to 2.0J 6.3 Temperature tested : Table 1 (Storage) -25 o C Table 2 (Installation) +15 o C Table 3 (Application) +30 o C 6.4 Non-Flame propagating 6.5 CTS with electrical continuity; Max linear Imp. 1.00 M.ohm per metre 6.6 CTS without insulating characteristic 6.7 General IP 30. Body covers to IP4X, accessories require cover piece 6.8 Medium protection outside and inside 6.9 Body cover can be opened only with a tool 7.2 Marking: All parts are indelibly engraved with identification 9.1 Construction: All bodies are produced with returned ‘safe’ edges 9.4 Mechanical connections. The system is interconnected using locking screws and serrated nuts. To ensure continuity these should be tightened on site to torque values on table 4 9.6 The CTS has been tested in accordance with clause 11.1.2. This test was carried out by independent test centre Specifications Material: EN 10346 Grade DX5 1D Z275; Continuously hot-dip zinc coated low carbon steel sheet. System manufactured to IS.EN.50085-2-1 : 2006 and 50085-1 : 2005. Classification (Section 6) as follows: Safe Edge IP4X Lid Part ID Features • Returned Safe-Edge Bodies • Integral Couplers & Fish Plate • Only 2 Fastenings needed for Quick Coupling • IP4X Interlock Lid • Possibility to Torque Guarantees Electrical Continuity • Part Number ID Specifications • Manufactured to I.S. EN 50085-1:2005 • Material Hot Dip Galvanised to EN 10346:2015 • High LEED Certification Rating Benefits • Competitive Price, High Quality • Ex-Factory Service • Quick Install Design • Specials Available • BIM Drawings Available • Made and Stocked in Ireland Integral Coupler LSN’s